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Plasticity refers to the adaptability present in all of us.
It's how we've evolved and central to human nature.
When we collectively focus attention on how it is directed we have
the agency to make the futures we dream of probable, not just possible. 
In other words, there is everything to play for.
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Welcome to the Positive Plasticity Project

Hi, my friends call me Fi (she/they). 

As an embodied health practitioner, I specialise in trauma release and the energetic alignment of the body. I also facilitate workshops and educational programmes investigating the philosophy, spirit and science behind it. In addition, I am a practicing artist and co-founding director of Bidston Observatory, a collaboratively run cultural research centre on the Wirral, near Liverpool.

While this means I work with a wide range of practices, across different scales, for different audiences, these passions have one thing in common; a belief in the potential thats exists in and between individuals when we come together with the intention of developing connection and community.

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This website provides information about;
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- the therapeutic tools I use 

- working with me as a client

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- my art practice & research 

- my collaborative projects

- the workshops I run 

- TRE Centre’s training & courses

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- Bidston Observatory 

   Artistic Research Centre

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Along the way it also shares some perspectives that I hope support others as they take power over their mental and physical health and in turn, shaping the world around them into a more positive place.

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I am certified in Tension and Trauma Release Exercises (TRE ®), Internal Family Systems 

(IFS- Level 3), Brainspotting (BSP- Level 3) and Quantum Energy Coaching (QEC).


These practices support deep lasting change by assisting individuals as they rewire their brains neurological pathways and the energetic flow of their body’s system in order to reflect their true potential and life purpose.





In the right conditions humans are abundantly creative; the ability we have to overcome and develop from our past experiences, no matter how extreme, is humbling and profound. No one is “broken”and the fate of our health isn't fixed or something we need to passively inherit. Making deep change is simply a matter of witnessing and reconnecting back to our bodies wisdom with curiosity and compassion.

Unlike conventional psychotherapies, counselling or coaching strategies, the techniques I use directly harness our physiological structuring to do this, safely shifting old patterns, beliefs and blocks left by adversity, that would otherwise compromise personal growth.

Knowledge is an energetic investment and expression of social wealth. Assisting the way it flows and networks, expands paths and feed growth. When we questioning the limits of our cultural conditioning, educating is less about learning and more about uncovering wisdom. As everyone has their own unique system of expertise, this is about establishing frameworks we can share and bare witness to each other. I’m invested in creating space for these types of exchanges and sharing tools that help in this process of uncovering.

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I’m passionate about sharing the tools I’ve acquired while making information about our systems appealing, accessible, and utilisable in daily life especially to groups often marginalised from this work.

I am also currently establishing TRE Centre, with Cheda Mikic (in conjunction with Bidston Observatory).

Alongside hosting TRE practitioner trainings, introductory and advanced embodiment workshops, we intend to foster interdisciplinary research, skill sharing and peer-lead support groups for those working in the field of trauma and embodied health. As scientific discovery in these fields is rapidly accelerating, we believe physical platforms for experimentation and experiential reflection are vital for collective grounding, integration and innovation.

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As an artist with a BA in Fine Art Sculpture and MA in Performance, my belief in collective agency and committed collaboration drew me to healing work. I now mainly use my art practice to (sub)consciousness-raise around the effects of trauma and its impact on how we socially organise, in both our personal relationships and on a wider political scale. I see creative and healing practices, as two sides of the same coin, as both openly question to develop new ways forward.

I frequently host talks, run body-based workshops and collective experiments in cultural and education institutions with the intent of widely sharing ideas and tools that can empower individuals. I still see my work as both sculptural and performative. In principal neuro-plasticity, which underlies healing work, is the physical shaping of our synaptic connections which effects our body tissues too. When we mould or sculpt these intentionally, it effects how we perform our relations. Healing, therefor, is an adapting social choreography, a creative intervention that cuts into culture and our perception of its future direction. 

I am a co-founder of Bidston Observatory,

a not-for-profit interdisciplinary research centre near Liverpool, aimed at providing an affordable space, where those invested in social justice and positive political change can come together to share ideas, experiment and mutually support each other.

The values of the site align with those of the healing relationship, where respectful openness, non-judgement and mutual curiosity form the basis of experimentation, supporting individual and collective growth.

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  • Human beings are incredible and infinitely adaptable. Given the opportunity everyone has the capacity to heal, which uncovers deep wisdom and gifts, unique to each individual.         

  • Trust and non-judgement are the foundations of transformational growth. When we create environments centring these principals our innate creativity flourishes, making infinite new paths and potentials possible.                                    

  • ​The universe is abundant, we already have all the necessary tools to build a just and equitable world if we take time to tune in to the present and foster compassion for our selves and others.                                   

  • ​Relations are fractal. The dynamics of the social body share the same principals as our individual ones. Positive intervention can therefor be engineered from any scale with shifts in our own systems resonating through to the political ones we are part of.


These principals inform my tool box and ethical blueprint, steering how I personally hope to contribute to the wider development of social justice in the world.

The project is an experiment in self-organising principals, favouring collective negotiation and reflection over the top down control more typical of institutions. We are kid friendly and believe no matter your age, ability or background everyone has something equally valuable to offer, worthy of attention and collective consideration. Structural inequality and contemporary life means that not everyone can easily pursue their creativity and interests. Our goal is to challenge this by making the space accessible to any individual or group working on non-commercial projects that look to support community or re-imagine fairer social systems.

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