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The Tools


I am trained in a range of different tools that make use of our physiology

to access deep regions of the brain and our tissues where the impact of trauma resides. 

These tools are so effective as they capitalise on the bodies energetic properties,

using scientific principals to increase its balance and coherence.


Tension and Trauma

Release Exercises®

is a physical self-help tool that balances the body/mind system to empower individuals in their path towards healing and personal growth.


Internal Family Systems 

is an innovative psychotherapeutic model that promotes a profound yet playful approach to healing, by making use of how the brain naturally works with inner narratives, dialogue and imagination.



uses eye positioning and the awareness of sensation, to integrate past trauma and adversity without having to use explicit language or conscious memory retrieval. 

Along side these I also utilises my training in the Wheel of Consent ),

elements of Body Mind Centring ), 

Cervical Release Techniques and Dreamwork practices from several different wisdom traditions.


Trauma essentially blocks the flow of energy through our tissues. Whether this is the synaptic cut off of a memory due to an overwhelming experience, or a restriction forming around the heart due to emotional loss, these blocks have a physical baring on our bodies that effect all states of our health.


Healing it is a case of discovering, learning from and releasing these blocks, so our systems can find a better equilibrium and flow.

It can therefor be thought of as just optimising the bodies systems and isn’t the scary process many of us have been lead to believe.

Where ever you are at in life, engaging in this work is about setting up practices that will continue to deepen your intuition and enhance your personal development no matter your calling or path. 

Healing New 2.png


“Healing is a process of discovery through remembering, 

it is a coming home to the authenticity

of who we really are.”


Understanding trauma 

...or why even go “there”?


Trauma effects us all regardless of circumstance. It passes on in our systems both genetically and culturally, and is not just the result of obvious adverse life events as it was once typically understood. When we find our self stuck or feeling unfulfilled in life, the root cause of this impasse normally tends to be trauma having a hidden impact at a subconscious level. As our subconscious is the primary driver of our actions and behaviours unresolved issues go onto effect our outlook, social relations, and personal potential. The good news is that when we actively address whats held in the system our capacity for growth is profound and reveals personal gifts we might never have imagined.


For years western medicine has approached the body as a faulty biochemical machine that can only be fixed through drugs and surgery, however as every cell in our body is made up of about 100 trillion atom’s it makes sense to approach things in a more fundamental way. 


Optimising the body

Atoms are only 0.00001 % physical material with the rest of their make up being energy and information. When we prime the way our energy is working we can bring about change across the whole system with greater ease and result. This is the efficacy underlying the tools I use and the fields of energy psychology in general, which puts individuals in charge of their own healing process and challenges the assumption that the fate of our emotional and physical health is something fixed we passively inherit. Of course these concepts aren’t new at all, for thousands of years the great wisdom traditions and indigenous cultural practices have honoured these principals, and I acknowledge my debts to many of these teachers.

If you are interested to know more I run a range of educational workshops and sessions click bellow to see whats coming up:

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Booking & Pricing

In general my 1-2-1 client days are Tuesdays though I am sometimes able to offer sessions on Monday evenings or Sunday afternoons for those thats 

not get alternative care to look after children or dependents. 

I offer sessions online or work in person from Bidston Observatory

which provides an optimum environment for embodied work.




£50 for an hour

£75 for a 90 min (inc. intro sessions).


Specialist TRE®

Integrated TRE® for experienced shakers.

Learn how to combine it with other methods for a deeper self-help tool. 

£90 for 90 mins.



1-2-1 Sessions

£90 per 90 min

An initial intake session £120 for 2 hrs.


Group TRE® Sessions

Charged at a sliding scale:

Supporter - £15

“I am comfortably able to meet all of my basic needs at the moment.”

Standard - £10  

“I may stress about meeting basics needs but regularly achieve them, though precarious, I am able to find work.”

Supported - £5 

“I struggle to meet my basic needs. I am unemployed or qualify for government and/or voluntary assistance.”


Working with me


I adopt an integrated approach, that balances transformation across the entire system.


Rather than treating a singular symptom or problem, we use whatever is presenting (physically or emotionally), to start an enquiry, curiously following the bodies wisdom to the heart of the issue. This way of working offers support beyond the typically therapeutic and is also appropriate for mentoring, coaching, teaching, personal development and resiliency.


While I enjoy my diverse client base I'm passionate about helping people who are trying to make a difference in the world avoid burn-out and become more effective in what they do. I’m personally invested in raising awareness around the effects of collective trauma and helping those effected by inequality reclaim their rightful power.


My the challenges in my own life path have given me personal specialisms (sexual trauma, ADHD, addictions). I also have a particular experience in tackling birth, ancestral (inter-generational) and systemic trauma. In IFS (see tools) this often involves addressing what we refer to as legacy and unattached burdens.


My bodywork background and the tools in combination also means clients approach me to get to the root of persistent ailments and body phenomena that they are struggling to resolve by other means (allergies, asthma, psoriasis, fibromyalgia, insomnia, PTSD etc).

Contact me for a free 20 min consultation and we'll come up with a plan that suits where you are at in life.


Commissioned Workshops


I also run workshops for groups and organisations. More information about this can be found here, or contact me bellow:

working with me
Booking and pricing

NB: Its my intention to not turn anyone away from accessing these sessions due to life circumstance, I also consider trade or barter. 

Couples work & Mediation

£120 per 90 min

An initial intake sessions £150 for 2 x 1 hrs.

To book please email me:

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