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TRE is a self-help tool that balances the body/mind system to empower individuals in their path towards healing and personal growth.



 - TRE® developer David Bercelli

By actively encouraging the bodies natural tremor mechanism through a series of exercise, it is possible to shift the residual impact of trauma in our bodily tissues, thought processes and energetic field. This would otherwise remain frozen in our system, having a negative impact on our happiness and physical health. 


Once confident with this tool, simply practicing for 20 min 2-3 times a week works on our current health and stress levels enhancing our adaptability and groundedness while also unwinding the impact of our past, making us available and connected in the present.

The Theory


There are many different cultural practices that centre therapeutic tremors. TRE® refers to a precise set of exercises developed by David Bercelli while he was doing aid work in conflict zones and looking to ease the long term impact of trauma on the body.

The tremor is a vital response of the nervous system, happening automatically in all vertebrae mammals as they come out of overwhelm or the freeze state. Its a way of re-starting the bodies functioning and bringing it back to homeostasis, which takes the shifting of chemicals and the rebalancing of its connective and tensile tissue also known as fascia. This critical reflex, has been vital to our evolutionary survival but has come to be suppress in dominant western culture at negative cost to our health. The exercises allow us to bring it on, and reconnect with with it so we can do this recalibration work in hindsight in a supportive, safe environment. 

This overwhelm doesn’t just occur during big life events, it is present to a lesser degree in the stresses we face on a daily basis, and will therefor show up in illness throughout life if we don’t look to address it. As this healing tremor intuitively travels the fascial system it gets to areas unreachable otherwise (deep tissues, buried memories), acting uniquely to meet whatever the individuals system needs to release according to their history and circumstance. Fascia is also responsible for directing energy within the body, optimising its flow with TRE® actively feeds our vitality as energetic movement is the fundamental principal of life. Starting out, most clients find the sensation calming and familiar, like a coming home to the body and who we really are.

If you are interested in knowing more about the science behind TRE®, I advise joining one of the intro days I run with my colleague through TRE® Centre. 

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While this simple method alleviates many symptoms ranging from PTSD to acute pain, its deepest gift is the gentle opening of the system towards positive transformation at a fundamental level. 
The benefits


TRE® profoundly changed my life, and continues to do so. Within a year of tremoring; the period cramps I’d always suffered vanished, my gut was regulated, skin glowed, old sporting injuries no longer caused me issues, back pain from years of heavy lifting was eased beyond belief and my sleep had actually found itself a cycle! These were just the obvious physical benefits. Being able to down regulate and stay present has effected my life and outlook in ways far more profound; I’ve kissed good by to my anxiety, burnout and the weight of an ADHD diagnosis. I also now trust my body to help steer my dreams and desires from a grounded state. 

It has acted as the back bone to the other healing practices I work with and taught me how to tune in to the subtle cues my body offers when directing me towards better health. Embodied listening or mindfulness, is the basis for all self-empowered healing and TRE® actively centres the development of this skill. I recommend it as an accompaniment to any other therapeutic work as it accelerates the embodied integration of personal transformation.

Email me directly to book a session

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Working 1-2-1

The tremor can be combined with the other tools I work with and I offer specialist sessions where I teach clients how to do that. It can also be catered to specific sports or resolving physical injuries and I help develop programmes with clients so they can incorporate tremouring in training and recovery.


I recommend a few in person sessions to start with to; learn the exercises, build trust in the tremor and confidence in self-regulating. I normally then encourage working alone with it for a while as part of your health care routine.  In time the tremor will travel through out the whole body, it can get stuck in certain patterns however and I advise clients come in so we can release these blocks together through physical or energetic interventions. There can also be periods where it works more intensely on our emotional circuitry having a session together ensure release happens safely and with maximum effect.


While my 1-2-1 client days are Tuesdays.

NB. If you can not get alternative care to look after for children/dependents, I am sometimes able to offer sessions on Monday evenings or Sunday afternoons. 


I work online and in person out of Bidston Observatory which provides an optimum environment for the work.

NB. For those with additional access or mobility requirements I am able to offer some limited client session in the centre of Liverpool. Please raise this at the time of booking.


TRE® 1-2-1

£50 for an hour

£75 for a 90 min (inc. intro sessions).



£90 for 90 mins.

Integrated TRE® for experienced shakers.


Learn how to combine it with other methods for a deeper self-help tool. 

I'm hoping to offer in person sessions again soon as its a much richer experience, during lock down I am offering sessions online which is still a great way to get to know the practice. 

To book please get in touch.

Group TRE

Tremouring with other bodies is a beautiful experience. We are in essence social animals and verbal language is really just the tip of our interpersonal communication.

Like the individual cells in a body, humans regulate together via the heart’s vibrational pulse and the electromagnetic information traveling between our energetic fields.

Being in true safety with another is often the fundamental principal underlying most healing interventions, when we do that as a collective the effects are all the more profound. By enhancing our systems attunement with the tremouring process this subtle co-ordination across bodies makes possible accelerated healing shifts that would take longer to reach alone. 



I host group TRE® at the Observatory every other Sunday afternoon and recommend leaving time for a cup of tea or walk on Bidston hill afterwards. These sessions last 90min and include a check-in and some teaching around how our nervous and fascial systems work. 


Charged at a sliding scale:

£15 -  “I am comfortably able to meet all of my basic needs at the moment.”

£10 -  “I may stress about meeting my basics needs but regularly achieve them, though my work might be precarious I am able to find work.”

£5 - “I frequently stress about my basic needs and don’t always achieve them. I am  unemployed or qualify for government and/or voluntary assistance.”


NB: Its my intention to not turn anyone away from accessing these sessions due to life circumstance, I will also consider trade or barter.  

Getting group work up and running is my priority as soon as Covid-19 allows. If you are interested please contact me and I'll let you know when we are starting.

TRE centre

& Building Collectively

TRE® Centre is a new collaborative project I'm setting up with my dear friend and colleague Cheda Mikic.


Through this vehicle we will be training others to become TRE® providers as well as hosting a whole range of workshops for people working in the therapeutic fields and those just interested in knowing more about how there embodied systems work.

Our Introductory Days are the perfect way to begin with TRE® and Module 1 practitioner training is a great value way to become confident in the practice, even if you don't intend to become a provider your self. 


You can find more information about what we do in the Educating part of this website:

Or check out our website and upcoming calendar to see what we've got scheduled: 


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