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Up Coming Courses

Up coming courses


Love you are that technology;

a self-help tool kit.

This is a personal empowerment course. I put it together at the request of a friend with the intention of making the principals of deep healing practices accessible as self-help tools, for those who due to finance or other circumstances are unable to work




While there are many affordable online trauma programmes available at the moment, the intention of this intimate workgroup is to offer closer personal support so that we can safely go deep into this work together. 


Rather than focusing on a singular school of thought or modality it presents a tool kit of practices and the theory that supports them, giving participants confidence in understanding their own systems and experiences. We will also embody these practices to show how these powerful methods for healing can use and applied within our everyday lives. It also comes with an extensive reader containing notes and exercises. The course actively addresses topics like systemic and inherited trauma and will look at raising personal agency as a way of bringing positive interventions in to personal relationships and our wider communities.



8 x 2 hrs weekly sessions. 

Alternating between taught and discursive formats at a pace in which the work can be adopted and integrated into daily life.


Taught weeks: 

Along side the mind/body science, each taught week includes; an introduction to a new method (WOC, IFS, BSP, QEC), a guided meditation using the work and practices to help start using it over the coming weeks.


Discussion weeks:

Stimulated by additional viewing or reading material, these hosted discussions also act as an opportunity collectively process whats coming up as participants engage with the practices.



To make this course accessible, I effectively subsidise 

it with my personal time.

Charged at a sliding scale:

Supporting - £240   

My privilege enables me to finance myself and

I wish to contribute to making this course

accessible to others.

Standard - £160   

I am able to finance my place on this course

Supported - £80  

I would like the support of the community


NB. While the group size is limited its my intention that no one will be turned away for monetary reasons. I will also consider barter and exchange for those unable to finance it.

Course planned for mid April

Contact for more information



You Are Already Enough

Polyvagal theory:

Down regulation and embodied reprogramming

Touch as technology: accessing pleasure



Wheel of Consent

and primary pleasure.



All Parts are Welcome, All Parts are Wisdom

Internal Family Systems 

Finding balance and expressing

love without judgement. 



Our fractal relation

Relating internal experience to social structures.



Sensing as sculpting


Trauma capsules and the integration of

information via the body’s mapping of space.



The Holographic Brain

The material body as a channel.



Calling and casting the field 

Quantum Energy Coaching

Making use of a positive in personal and cultural health.

Understanding the body as vibration




Collective futures through

the lense of quantum principals


Commissioned Workshops

Commissioned Workshops



I’m committed to making the tools I am trained in available to those that typically find it hard to access this type of work due to personal circumstance, whether this is financial, a question of cultural context or something else entirely. My availability and rates for taught workshops are dependent on context and demographic.

I personally understand activism and campaigning too often come hand in hand with burn out. I offer free of charge TRE introduction sessions to charities, NFP organisations and self-organising groups doing work to further equality, concerned with intersectional feminism or social care in the community.


If you think this is something that might help your groups resiliency, contact me and we’ll try to figure out a way of working together in line with the nature of the work you’re doing.

Some examples of past workshops can be found here though

I also enjoy catering tools towards, thematics, specific context or social issues. 


While workshops are more pleasurable in person, 

thanks to Covid-19, I’ve already adapted many for delivery online.

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Trauma Awareness and Resiliency

Introduction to Polyvagal theory, down regulation and TRE

3 ifs.jpg

Internal Family Systems 

For Self-orgainsing groups

inc. Trauma Aware Accountability Tool kit

2 pleasure.jpg

Collective embodiment - plasticity and paths to pleasure.

informed by the

Wheel of Consent and the field of Quantum Neurology

Fluid gestures -

Fascia and 


Considering the social via energetic embodies infrastructures  


Contact for more information

TRE Centre


Recognising the need for a peer support network among trauma workers, TRE® Centre is more than just a training platform. It is also a physical forum designed to host an ongoing fluid community of practitioners in the therapeutic fields, offering entry points for every level of clinical experience.  

It does this through; introductory days, mentoring, advanced trainings, peer-support retreats, modality integration workshops and its embodied research programme’s - The TRE® LAB’s which are structured to combine scientific and cultural experimentation to contribute to the advancement in understanding the physiological operations and capacities of the human of organism. 


Mission Statement 


"In this world full of conflict and uncertainty peoples health and quality of life deeply suffers due to unresolved stress and trauma. The tendency towards disembodiment in contemporary culture, which separates mind, body and emotions, hurts us greatly and has damaging effects on individuals, their communities and society at large.

TRE® Centre is committed to providing access to innovative and effective methods for the resolution of stress and trauma that are clinically proven and scientifically backed. Working holistically across the whole human system these methods bring about the unification of mind, body and emotions, enabling people to acquire the skills and tools they need to transform their personal lives, enjoy more meaningful relationships and create happier and healthier societies."


In Collaboration with Cheda Mikic

Cheda has been working in the TRE® world for the past 10 years, and decided to create TRE® Centre in order to meet the growing need for quality TRE® trainings in the UK, cohort based support and embodied education for those working in the field of Trauma Therapy.  


Cheda Mikic is a Craniosacral Therapist, a Naturopath and a TRE® Certified Trainer.  He has been studying and lecturing in the complementary therapy world for over 20 years, in the UK, USA and Europe. Cheda uses mindfulness, emotional awareness, body awareness, body work and other methods to support, resource clients and to allow for transformation and integration to evolve.

Click here for the projects website, detailing trainings, courses, workshops, supervision, the TRE Labs and more.


Illustration of the Psoas Muscle: 

the starting place of tremourgenisis in the practice of TRE.






The Embodied Anatomy Labs are about directly experiencing the bodies structure, functions and movement. They are a deep dive into our systems operations, combining the latest in scientific discovery along side practical hands on investigation.

Fascia LAB is a fluid interdisciplinary research project, looking at connection and adaption in the material and social body. This is where we play, speculate and think openly together by inviting in influences from other fields artistic and theoretical.

This Lab is where we do the work of thinking about change beyond the individual system and what it actually means when we say personal and collective healing are deeply intertwined. Considering interventions in bio-politics as well as systemic and legacy trauma.

Click here for more info on the Lab's and to see what we've got coming up:




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